Ten years after the last known sighting, Bat Boy returned to sink his fangs into the London stage in a brand new production in The Large at Southwark Playhouse from Friday 9 January to Saturday 31 January 2015.

A strange bat-child is discovered in a dank cave in deepest, darkest West Virginia. For the small community of Hope Falls, the discovery threatens to shake its moral core and the residents turn to the town veterinarian, Dr. Parker, in the hope that he will know what to do with the strange creature.

Taken under the wing of Dr Parker’s wife, the boy is taught in the ways of the world and adjusts to life in this seemingly normal American family. However, ‘normal’ is merely the cycle on Mrs Parker’s washing machine. Secrets, lies and a mysterious case of dead cows leave our Bat Boy at the mercy of his God-fearing community and the shocking truth that reveals the hidden beast in all of us.

Book by Keythe Farley and Brian Flemming
Music and Lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe
By special arrangement with Josef Weinberger
Luke Fredericks
Musical Director
Mark Crossland
Joey McKneely
Set and Costume Designer
Stewart Charlesworth
Lighting Designer
Cat Webb
Sound Designer
Mike Thacker
Video Designer
Ben Walden
Paul Taylor Mills Ltd

Bat Boy
Rob Compton
Meredith Parker
Lauren Ward
Dr. Parker
Matt White
Shelley Parker
Georgina Hagen
Russell Wilcox
Bud/Mother Nature
Nolan Frederick
Rev. Hightower/ Roy
Simon Bailey
Rick/ Ned
Andy Rees
Pepper Harrison
Lindsay Scigliano

‘A stunning production’
Time Out Critics Choice
‘terrifically well staged by Morphic Graffiti's director-designer team of Luke Fredericks and Stewart Charlesworth'
Whats On Stage
It’s all been given a stunning production by Luke Fredericks and Morphic Graffiti, with a cooking band under conductor Mark Crossland. Rob Compton strikes the perfect balance between repulsive and alluring as the titular teenager, with protruding shoulder blades arching like batwings from his back, and Lauren Ward is pitch-perfect in every way as his defender Meredith. Against some witty projection work from Benjamin Walden and a brilliantly trashy set from Stewart Charlesworth (the spelunking Barbie dolls are a particular treat), ‘Bat Boy: The Musical’ further cements the Southwark Playhouse’s status as one of the city’s go-to venues for razor-sharp musical theatre.
Time Out Critics Choice ★★★★
Bat Boy: The Musical is terrifically well staged by Morphic Graffiti's director-designer team of Luke Fredericks and Stewart Charlesworth, who were responsible for last year's triumphant Carousel at the Arcola Theatre. They marshal dead-centre performances from a tireless multitasking company – are there really only ten of them? ....a raucously enjoyable evening of dark comic fun. "I shouldn't work my problems out with food" laments our vampiric hero, a raw cow's head dangling idly from one hand. While no animals are harmed in the making of this show, a fair few cuddly toys are seriously maimed. Mark Valencia
Whats On Stage
Fredericks’ ambitious and skilful production certainly seeks to be true to that expressed vision – and succeeds admirably. Stewart Charlesworth provides a striking comic-book style cave, garish and colourful; Everything about the set is surreal and inventive (even the pseudo-suburban home interior has a touch of the sit-com about it) and helps propel the audience imagination into the correct sphere. …this could be a production that plays and plays, transfers and tours. It shows the musical form pushed to its edges and how rewarding that can be.
British Theatre ★★★★
Morphic Graffiti's Luke Fredericks directing and Stewart Charlesworth designing give it another of their audacious small-scale makeovers, bringing close-focus punch and ferociously pitched point to its wild portrait of the demonising of an outsider in small-town America. Benjamin Walden's stunning projections give the production a fast-moving scenic wit of their own. Verdict: Bold new take on a musical cult is the production the clever, tuneful writing deserves. Mark Shenton
The Stage ★★★★
Bat Boy: The Musical is a joyful curveball of a programming decision by the Southwark Playhouse: a classic Beauty and the Beast (sorry, Beauty and the Bat Boy) story…Appropriately, this production takes itself only as seriously as it absolutely has to, and there are wonderful moments of transparent theatricality such as the use of dolls on strings to represent spelunking teenagers. The production captures the deliberate trashiness of the show, while demonstrating some skilful innovations such as the use of pre-recorded video with live voiceover. It’s worth seeing just for Compton’s performance alone, but the excellent cast and wonderful book make this a fantastically fun, if flawed, cult horror love story.
We were impressed by Stewart Charlesworth’s design, which manages to evoke the show’s sense of fun as well as being highly versatile to cover movement between multiple locations. Clever use is also made of projections, which provide everything from supporting the design by lending a sense of place, to news footage and even a sex-education video (you’ll have to see the show for an explanation)…. there’s a lot to enjoy about Bat Boy in general, and this exuberant production in particular. You’ll likely leave the theatre singing Hold Me, Bat Boy to yourself, which is the catchiest of the musical’s numbers. If you’re up for something offbeat, funny and endlessly entertaining, Bat Boy is well worth a visit.
Entertainment Focus
Bat Boy is a lot of campy fun. I’ve missed Bat Boy’s previously UK incarnations and walked into the show without really knowing what to expect but have walked out a Bat Boy fan who will definitely be going back for seconds.
Fourth Wall Magazine
…it really does feel like a musical for the Buzzfeed generation. With a bizarre, cultish appeal, , if you’re able to leave an affection you might have for plausibility at the door, you’re in for a brilliantly bonkers evening.
Ginger Hibiscus

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Great end to the run @BatBoy_UK last night. Loved this bonkers show with so much talent. Made me laugh, cry and stomp my feet.
Absolutely loved @BatBoy_UK tonight! Such an outstanding production from all aspects.
I cannot recommend ‪@BatBoy_UK at ‪@swkplay more. It's amazing the cast, set, direction all on point. Wish I was in that production!
@BatBoy_UK @swkplay is brilliant! Incredible energy, phenomenally strong cast, utter silliness, and extremely touching - loved it :) x
@BatBoy_UK amazing show!!! Well worth the trip from Folkestone! Go see!! It's weirdly wonderful
On our way back to Bristol from seeing ‪@BatBoy_UK ! Everyone go and see it! Don't think I will look at bananas and donuts the same anymore