Sinister, chilling and macabre, Jekyll and Hyde is the ultimate story of good versus evil. Set in London, and based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s Victorian novella, it is the story of Dr Henry Jekyll, a brilliant and yet troubled scientist, and his obsession with the darkest recesses of the human condition.

Morphic Graffiti’s production was staged at the highly renowned Union Theatre, Southwark in May 2012.

Conceived for the stage by Steve Cuden & Frank Wildhorn
Book and Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse
Music by Frank Wildhorn
Orchestrations by Kim Scharnberg 
Arrangements by Jason Howland
Presented by arrangement with JOSEF WEINBERGER LIMITED on behalf of MUSIC THEATRE INTERNATIONAL of New York

Luke Fredericks
Set and Costume Design
Stewart Charlesworth
Musical Staging
Adam Murray
Lighting Designer
Catherine Webb
Video Designer
Ben Walden
Tom Curran
Fight Director
John Sandeman

Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde
Tim Rogers
Sir Danvers Carew
Mark Turnbull
Simon Stride
Antony Lawrence
Sir Archibald Proops
Michael Blore
Lord Savage
Rodney Ward
General Glossop/Bisset
Tim Benton
Lady Beaconsfield
Andrea Miller
Bishop of Basingstoke
Paul Tate
John Utterson
Mark Goldthorp
Emma Carew
Joanna Strand
Lydia Jenkins
Lucy Harris
Madalena Alberto
John McLarnon
Patsy Blower
Hayley Driscoll
Louise Stanton

‘stunning revival’
The Stage Top 100 Highlights of 2012

Mark Shenton - The Stage

‘This is musical theatre for grown-ups’
‘blazed with new life'... That problem is instantly solved by director Luke Fredericks by setting Morphic Graffiti's production in the here and now too, giving it a real intensity and amplifying both its clarity and feeling.
Mark Shenton - The Stage
Dr Henry Jekyll goes the whole distance - as does Morphic Graffiti's updated adaptation of Frank Wildhorn and Leslie Bricusse's '90s Broadway hit 'Jekyll and Hyde the Musical'. Darkly revealing mankind's inherent evil, this musical take on Robert Louis Stevenson's novella is absorbing, disturbing and often downright terrifying.
Time Out ★★★★
…a serious show about a serious subject - the evil that lies dormant within us all. He backs the cast to convey emotion without shouting, without melodramatic gestures and without drawing clear lines between the goodies and the baddies; and they don't let him down.
The Union Theatre, with its stone walls and slightly dank feel, provides the perfect atmosphere for this dark piece and designer Ben Walden's clever use of video adds depth and texture to the grey and white walls of the core set… All in all an engaging and entertaining evening - Morphic Graffiti should be applauded for an accomplished inaugural production.
…a sublime theatrical experience.
JEKYLL AND HYDE is a great piece of musical theatre, and the production presented by Morphic Graffiti proves it in good faith. Any Musical Theatre fan who visits the city of London must see this production, that will be playing at the Union Theatre until 16th June and surely deserves to be transferred to the West End.
With a gripping story, strong cast, a great 5 piece band and exceptionally creative direction and musical staging from Luke Fredericks and Adam Murray, this kept me enthralled throughout…. A word of caution though, to those who find themselves in the front row: do not expect to emerge quite as clean as when you entered.
London SE1
This is absolutely the one to watch. It deserved three standing ovations last night.
Having recently seen the five star vocal performances from Michael Ball and an acting tour-de-force of Imelda Staunton on the West End with Sweeney Todd – I can tell you Jekyll and Hyde delivers just as much. Not only in the macabre but more bang for your buck at only £20 a ticket.
Don't just run, murder to get a ticket.