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April 2017:
Check back soon for some exciting news around the corner! Lots of craziness going on behind the scenes.


For visitors to our website, we have created a series of ‘Backstage’ insights. This includes the Morphic Graffiti blog that keeps our followers updated with the work we do, as well as exclusive articles and interviews that take you behind the scenes of what we do.


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Morphic Education has been created to provide workshops and educational tools to compliment our theatrical productions. Our aim is to provide outreach projects to schools and colleges to support the curriculum and bring theatre and drama to those who may not have direct access to it.
Workshops, masterclasses, pre and post show discussions and education packs will bring our work in rehearsals and on stage to a wider audience. For more information, please contact us at education@morphicgraffiti.com

Carousel received 4 Off West End Award nominations for Carousel for Best Female: Gemma Sutton (Julie Jordan), Best Supporting Female (winner): Vicki Lee Taylor (Carie Pipperidge), Best Choreographer (finalist): Lee Proud and Best Musical Production (finalist).
UPDATE: Bat Boy receives two Offie nods for Best Male: Rob Compton (Bat Boy/Edgar) and Best Supporting Female: Lauren Ward (Meredith Parker). More about The Offies

Morphic Graffiti are proud receivers of the Stage One Bursary for new producers. Stage One provide financial and practical assistance to support developing commercial theatre producers.